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Apr 11, 2020

Make the Stimulus Green, Climate Experts Say

In late March 2020, Energy Foundation China, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the Institutes of Science and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, European Climate Foundation, Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) and the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) Secretariat organized an online expert meeting for the council’s Special Policy Study (SPS) on global climate governance and China’s role. More than 70 economics and climate experts from China, the UK, and European countries discussed what the current global responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and economic downturn are, how to shape a new growth story through green stimulus packages, and how to coordinate a low carbon stimulus with China’s near-, medium-, and long-term plans to promote high-quality development and modernization.
Mar 23, 2020

A Great American Philanthropist’s Legacy in China

Cole Wilbur, co-author of Giving With Confidence: A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy, is a veteran grantmaker for philanthropic organizations. During his 23 years at the helm of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, he helped grow the organization “from a small, obscure West Coast foundation to one of the 10 largest foundations in the United States”
Dec 23, 2019

Celebrating 20 Years in China

Energy Foundation China proudly celebrated our 20 years of operating in China through a series of events and festivities in Beijing in November 2019. With an overall theme of “sustainable energy, prosperous future,” we hosted a number of forums and dialogues to celebrate the progress our community has made, while also keeping an eye on the challenges of the future.
Dec 22, 2019

Roundtable Discussed How to Achieve Deep Decarbonization of Industry in China

In November 2019, Energy Foundation China hosted a roundtable to discuss the strategies and pathways for achieving deep decarbonization of the Chinese industry sector, as one of the events celebrating the foundation’s 20th anniversary.
Dec 19, 2019

EF China Released U.S.-China Climate Declaration at Its 20th Anniversary Celebration

Energy Foundation China released the following declaration as we celebrated our 20 years in China with a number of forums and dialogues in November 2019, sending a strong signal of the value of China-U.S. engagement.
Dec 17, 2019

Air Quality, Climate Change, and Human Health Forum Held Amid EF China’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

In November 2019, , an Air Quality, Climate Change, and Human Health forum was held at the Beijing International Hotel as one of the celebration events for Energy Foundation China’s 20th Anniversary.
Nov 27, 2019

EF China Partners Met Beijing Mayor, Witnessed MOU Signing With the City

In November 2019, board members of Energy Foundation China and senior representatives of international philanthropies in the field of climate change, environmental protection, and sustainable energy met Chen Jining, Mayor of the Beijing Municipality. Together, they witnessed the signing of a cooperation framework agreement between Beijing’s Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau and Energy Foundation China (2019-2023) by Chen Tian, Director General of the bureau, and Zou Ji, CEO and President of the foundation.
Sep 26, 2019

Climate Champions Call for Accelerated Global Climate Action

On the eve of the United Nations Climate Summit in late September, Energy Foundation China, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the Institute of Science and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized a working dinner of Chinese and foreign experts on global climate governance and China’s role in New York City.
Jul 25, 2019

Electrification Is the Future for Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Experts Say

Technical innovations such as electrification will help push trucks in China toward net-zero emissions, said experts attending the Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero Emissions Summit in Bo’ao, Hainan province.
Jun 3, 2019

Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China and Energy Foundation Enter Into Cooperation Framework Agreement (2019-2023)

On June 2nd, 2019, Mr. ZHAO Yingmin, Vice Minister of Ecology and Environment of China (MEE) met a delegation of the Energy Foundation led by Mr. ZHANG Hongjun, Chair of the Board.

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